Making the Most of Masters

Making the Most of Masters (MMM): Legacy Project: Dundee University

Professor Mackenna, Programme Director of the Master of Fine Art: Art, Society & Publics, developed two student placement opportunities with Christine Millar based on the project, “The People’s Story”,  a year-long McManus programme to celebrate its 150th Anniversary.  Christine met the Masters students at their programme induction event in September 2016 and, following the circulation of the project brief, students were interviewed by Tracy and Christine for the placement opportunity in November 2016.
 Lise Olsen and Stuart Mcadam started their placements in January 2107.  Lise’s research work which forms part of “The People’s Story”, involves exploring the relationship between Dundee’s diverse communities, the museum and its collections. Examining the link between the visitors’ experience and cultural identity she asks questions such as ‘what is normal?’, ‘how do different audiences normally engage with the museum, the gallery space and the interpretation of its artifacts?’.  Working with different groups, Lise intends to break down barriers and open up a dialogue involving the public as co-producers. Discovering the museum is being done by releasing people’s stories to build narratives beyond the collections’ artifacts. Sound recordings are used as a creative interaction where objectivity and subjectivity meet to enable the documentation of varied levels of engagement. Lise finds the museum to be an exciting acoustic environment where sound can be playfully projected into a new virtual space. Further information including Lise’s contribution to the ‘Festival of Museums’ event held at the McManus on the 20th May 2017,  can be found on Lise’s blog, ‘Dundee Donders’, at:
The final outcome of the placements will be made public during the School of Art and Design’s Masters show event in August 2017 and will be featured on that event’s website.  The process of organising this placement and its outcome will also form the basis of an institutional staff development event in 2017 organised by the University’s Centre for the enhancement of Academic Skills, Teaching, Learning & Employability (CASTLE).
Professor Mackenna  presented a paper featuring ‘The People’s Story’ at the NAFAE (National Association for Fine Art Education) conference ‘Artist as Superconnector/Superconductor:Pedagogical Provocations’, in March 2017 at Coventry University.
MMM National Conference: January 2017
Several Schools and the Careers Service were represented at the MMM national conference which was held at Stirling University on 10 January 2017 .  The conference included a presentation by Professor Tracy Mackenna, School of Art & Design, on her current collaboration with Christine Millar, Section Leader, Learning & Engagement, Leisure and Culture Dundee, McManus Gallery, Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum.  Project details  were published in the Conference booklet and Professor Mackenna’s presentation which was well received, is available from the conference website given above.

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